How to set up an account to start shopping?

  • You may either start shopping immediately on the website and then set up the account at the time of check out.
  • Or you may set up the account immediately.
    • Read our Privacy Policy and Terms of Use
    • In the secondary menu, click on the person silhouette and then click register.
    • Type in a working email address that you have personal access to.
    • Click that you have already read privacy and terms of use policies.
    • Click submit.
    • You will recieve an email that provides a link to enter the your new account dashboard.  Check Spam Email Folder.
    • Fill out your name, new password, add credit cards, and add shipping information.
    • You will now be able to make purchases at Free Range Markets.

How to set up an account to start selling?

  • Read our Privacy Policy and Terms of Service
  • Click “Sell With Us” then click “Sign up to become a Vendor”. 
  • Fill out an application for becoming a vendor, submit.  
  • Wait for vendor acceptance by email within 48 hours.
  • Once accepted, log in, and start building your electronic store and add products descriptions and images.  Add your banking information to get paid, create store policies, and if necessary add shipping information.  For additional help, email

How to create great passwords and protect them?

  • Make passwords very long 12 or more letters.
  • Don’t use common phrases.
  • Don’t reuse your password at different websites.
  • Use a password manager to be able to make and use more difficult passwords.
  • Don’t let others use your account or give them your password.
  • Always log out of your account once you have finished viewing the website.

How to terminate your account?

How vendor’s may cancel orders.

  • Prior to shipping, a vendor must notify their customer that the order is not going to be fulfilled for a specified reason.
  • The same vendor must then notify the to have the order’s data removed.

Meeting (IRL) in Real Life?

  • For your protection, we encourage you to use Free Range Markets for your communication and transaction needs but if necessary meet customers with caution and using the following safety tips.
    • Meet at a public event or community function.
    • Meet in a well-lit, public area, during daylight hours.
    • Do not meet at either parties home.
    • Learn as much about the customer as possible before the meeting for example through social media websites.
    • Bring someone to the meeting with you.
    • Tell family or friends where you will be going for the meeting.
    • Keep your cell phone with you.
    • Trust your instincts.